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Please read this entire User Manual before activation your Caref GPS Phone Watch, ... SteP 2: charGe YoUr careF BeFore USe ... each phone number progr...

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USer manUal

Let the FUn Begin! The goal of Caref is simple…to give parents greater peace of mind and children a greater sense of freedom. We believe in ACTIVE kids, and Caref will allow your kids to stay in touch with you, and you them...whereever they may be! In addition to GPS tracking, Caref features an SOS button and two-way voice communication. This will give you the ability to FIND your kids, allow them to have FUN, and give them a little more FREEDOM. Caref GPS Phone Watch is NOT a substitute for supervision of any person wearing the watch. Accuracy of location is determined by GPS satellite and cell signal strength, and will NOT give a location at ALL times. For example, GPS accuracy may be affected while the watch is i ndoors, being used in urban areas (GPS doesn’t like big buildings!), as well as other factors. PLEASE DO NOT RELY ON YOUR KIDSPORT GPS OR CAREF AS TH E PRIMARY METHOD FOR LOCATING YOUR CHILD.

Before You Activate... Please read this entire User Manual before activation your Caref GPS Phone Watch, especially the Warranty and Return information. Caref is water resistant, not waterproof. Water will damage the device if it seeps into cracks or the mini-USB slot. The word "waterproof" on Caref packaging is a misprint and should read "water resistant." If you need a waterproof device, please return the Caref for a refund prior to activation. Please note, once activated, Caref cannot be returned for a refund.

What can caref Do? • Locate your child from a mobile • Parents can call their child’s Caref Watch directly • Child can call two numbers at the touch of a button • SOS button alerts and calls parents • Parent can send Text Message Directly to Caref • Much More

things you will need to actiVate Your account and Watch: • Charged Caref GPS Cell Phone Watch • Caref Box (contains activation numbers you will need)

careF GPS 3+21(:$7&+

(1): Cell signal indicator (2): Battery Power Indicator (3): Indicator for SOS alarm successfully activated (4): Day of Week

(5): SOS Key: Child holds down button for three seconds to place SOS to preprogrammed numbers (programming of three numbers done on mobile app) (6): USB Slot for USB charger (7): Microphone Slot (8): Power Button: Shortly press to change clock interface (digital/traditional) - Hold for three seconds to turn Caref power ON (9): Volume + Press down quickly to increase speaker and ringer volume. As mentioned above, Caref will allow you to program three numbers in the mobile app that will call when SOS button is pressed. When a child holds down on the + button for three seconds, it will call NUMBER 1. (10): Volume - Press down quickly to decrease speaker and ringer volume. Hold for three seconds to call phone number 2 you have preset.

Watch Face Protection Film

It is very important that you remind your child that the watch screen of Caref is very much like that of a cell phone. Which means they can crack when banged on or dropped. (We all have lived through a broken phone screen! Ugh!) We have provided a protective film to help limit potential damage. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU PUT THIS ON BEFORE USE. Unfortunately, our warranty doesn’t cover broken screens so a little “kid coaching” will help eliminate this.

Voice FeatUreS When your child presses the Volume Buttons on the side for three seconds, the phone icon appears. The number being called will be heard ringing through the Caref speakerphone. Your child simply needs to talk into the Caref Watch, just as they would a speakerphone. The phone icon will appear when Caref is receiving a call as well. To answer the call, the child must hit the PLUS (+) Volume button. Be sure to practice this with your child.

receiVe incominG teXt meSSaGe Parents can send text messages right to a child’s watch! But good news…it will only receive text messages from SAFE numbers programmed into the app. This is designed to protect your child from getting texts from unwanted people. We will teach you how to program these numbers later in the manual.

SteP 1: charGe YoUr careF BeFore USe The Caref package contains a colorful USB cable and charger. Before using Caref, please charge it for at least one hour. The cable is inserted in the port as seen here: Caref will last 24-48 hours based on calls placed/received. Treat it like a cell phone, which is typically charged at the end of a day.

WATER RESISTANT Caref is designed to be water resistant, but it is VERY IMPORTANT that you fully close the Cover to the USB port. If this is not done, the Caref will NOT be water resistant. It is recommended not to wear Caref in the bath, pool or ocean.

motion SenSor Caref has a motion sensor that activates the GPS chip inside the watch. When the watch is not moving, it will NOT transmit location. When worn, the motion sensor activates the watch and tells it to “get to work.”

SteP 2: tUrn on YoUr careF Watch Hold down on the Power Button for three seconds to turn on your Caref On or Off. VERY IMPORTANT: It is recommended that you take your watch outside for 5 minutes so it can get a good GPS “fix” the first time you use it. A best “fix” occurs when you have an unobstructed view of the sky.

SteP 3: actiVate YoUr accoUnt It’s now time to download the MyCaref Mobile App from either Google Play™ or the Apple™ App Store. Account activation can also be set up on your computer but it is easier to do it right through the mobile app: SEARCH: MyCaref

SteP 4: DoWnloaD moBile aPP Go to the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android) and search CAREF. Then download the FREE App.

SteP 5: moBile aPP anD maPPinG inStrUctionS To create a NEW ACCOUNT, touch Need an Account? Sign Up. If you set up an account through the Web, simply Log In with the user name and password that you created.

accoUnt reGiStration Input the information into the app to create your account.

termS oF SerVice Please read the terms of service.

If you agree with the Terms of Service, Click: I Agree.

accoUnt VeriFication We will send you a verification code (to keep your account secure). Select email for SMS (text message). Then click Proceed.

accoUnt VeriFication You must then check your email or SMS account. Be sure to write down your special code and enter it into the app.

accoUnt VeriFication Congratulations, your account is now activated. Click on +Activate New Watch.

aDD Watch It’s now time to add the special Caref Watch codes into the system. There are TWO VERY IMPORTANT codes you will need. � CODE #1: Watch iD (also Known as imei): This is the specific watch that

is being registered. This Watch ID (IMEI) can be found on the backside of your watch or on the bottom of your Caref box as you see here.

� CODE #2: ICCID: This is the number of the Cell Phone SIM Card that we will be “turning on.” A 20-digit code can be seen on the TOP of the Caref box.

enter coDeS USinG Scanner You can manually input the codes. Or simply hit the Scan button to upload the codes directly to your app. Some phone’s scanners are a bit “touchy.” If your scanner cannot upload the number, no problem. Simply manually input the numbers that are under the codes. REMEMBER, FOR ICCID, ONLY INPUT THE 4 LAST NUMBERS (No letter).

Select monthlY Plan: There are three plans to choose from: • FinD Plan: Best plan for minimum voice, text messaging and “Location on Demand.” o Unlimited map locations (updates every 10 minutes automatically) o 30 minutes voice (per month) o 30 Manual Location On Demand Updates* or Incoming Text Messages to Watch (per month) • FUN PLAN: Best plan for moderate level of voice, text messaging and “Location on Demand. o Unlimited map locations (updates every 10 minutes automatically) o 60 minutes voice (per month) o 50 Manual Location On Demand Updates* or Incoming Text Messages to Watch (per month) • FREEDOM PLAN: Best plan for extensive level of voice, text messaging and “Location on Demand. o Unlimited map locations (updates every 10 minutes automatically) o 90 minutes voice (per month) o 100 Manual Location On Demand Updates* or Incoming Text Messages to Watch (per month) * Caref is programmed to automatically send location every ten minutes but will also allow you to request location manually ON DEMAND. Which means, if you need to know where your child is right now, you simply hit a LOCATION button on your app to request an “extra” location.

DaShBoarD This is mission control for your watch. From here you can view your watches, track your bills, edit profile and more.

mY WatcheS To view an individual watch location and to adjust settings for that watch, click on it. You can also ADD a new watch to your account py clicking the (+) sign in the upper right corner.

maP FUnction On this screen you will see your child’s name and address location. Watch location will update every 5 minutes.

call Watch reFreSh location * Directions to Watch Caref sends location updates every 10 minutes, but in case of Emergency, you may need to know where your child is RIGHT NOW. This will send SMS out to Caref asking for update rather than waiting for 10 minute interval. It will take a minute or less to get the new location. If a new location could not be found as a result of a bad GPS signal, the location will not update)

Satellite map Full Day’s location history check your watch usage data Alerts and Notifications Settings

maP SettinGS First thing to do from the Map screen is to adjust the settings of your watch.

aDD PictUre You can add a picture you already have in your Album or take a new one by hitting Camera.

timeZone SettinGS This is a very important step as it is the way you program the correct time on the watch. Press Timezone Settings.

To update your timezone, scroll through the dropdown list until you find the correct zone. Then hit Update Watch Timezone.

emerGencY contact Phone nUmBer This is where you put in the phone numbers you would like the Caref to call. It will also program which numbers will be allowed to call the watch. Put in three numbers into phone in the following format including country code. For example, in US… 1XXXXXXXXXX. These are the numbers that will be called when the SOS button is pressed. When pressed, the Caref will call the first number programmed. If the first number doesn’t “answer,” then it calls the second, then third. A text message alert will also be sent to each phone number programmed, along with a map location telling you where the child is located.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the phone Caref calls goes

to a receiving phone’s voicemail, the Caref believes somebody answered and will not call the second number. If it hears “rings” for 40 seconds, then it will attempt the next number. This means you may need to adjust your individual phone settings to not answer until 45 seconds. To learn how to change your phone settings go to : When child sends SOS, you will be able to hear the child but the child won’t hear you. This is what we call LISTEN ONLY MODE. We created it this way so that if a child is in trouble (Abduction), he/she can press the button and a potential abductor would not be alerted by hearing you speak.

For Non-SOS Calls: When your child presses the +

(plus) button on the Caref, it will call Phone #1. When he/she presses the – (minus) button, Caref will call phone number 2.

ProViSion Watch This is the final step before using your watch for the first time. This final step will send your new Emergency contacts as well as your timezone setting to the watch. Make sure the watch is ON. After 5-7 minutes it will “reboot” and turn the watch off. Turn it on again and you will be “good to go!”

VerY imPortant: After activation of a watch, it is recommended that you take your watch outside for 5 minutes so it can get a good GPS “fix” the first time you use it. A best “fix” occurs when you have an unobstructed view of the sky.

GeoFence From the main menu in your app, you will set Geofence safe zones that you can “designate” to your watches. For example, you might have three children and decide to set up one Geofence for HOME and one at school for each child. This means you would set four Geofences. (From individual watch settings you will assign the Geofence to a specific watch. More on that later) Press on “Geofence” to create.

aDD GeoFence Press the PLUS (+) button in the upper right of the screen to Add a Geofence.

GeoFence helP Follow the instructions on the screen to set your Geofence.

aDD GeoFence Name your Geofence (Home, School, etc.) and set the size of your zone in meters. Hit CREATE when done. Again, you can set up several Geofences and assign them later.

hit SettinGS to Get to GeoFence aSSiGnment Screen

aSSiGn GeoFence Press on (+) Assign Geofence, and from the list, select the safe boundaries you would like to set. Then press “Send Geofence to Watch” When the watch goes outside of the boundary, you will receive a PUSH NOTIFICATION on your app.

VieW alertS History of Alerts can be viewed by pressing on the bell icon on the app.

SteP 6: let US helP YoU The creators of Caref have kids too! And we know when parents purchase a product, it needs to work, be easy to use, and come with great support. If you have a question, just go to and click on Support. From there you can view Frequently Asked Questions, Browse the User Guide, or Contact us via Web Chat, Email and Phone Support.

WarrantY,1)250$7,21 Caref is covered by a 90-day limited manufacturer's warranty on defective parts. Watches returned under warranty will be repaired or replaced with watches of the same color. Watches damaged, torn or broken by the user are not covered under warranty. Caref is water resistant, not waterproof, and water damage is not covered under warranty. Customers are responsible for shipping costs for returned devices. Protective screen covers are provided and encouraged for Caref, as broken and cracked LCD screens are not covered under warranty. Straps, buckles and latches broken during use are not covered under warranty. important note: The word "waterproof" on Caref packaging is a misprint and should read "water resistant". Water damage from swimming, bathing, or other submersion is not covered under warranty.

other inFormation We realize we live in an Ebay™ world, but unfortunately, once your Caref watch is activated, it can’t be reactivated under a different account. It is because there is a SIM card in the Caref that, once assigned, can’t be reassigned. So in short, please don’t resell as it will lead to an unhappy customer. Thanks!

FreQUentlY aSKeD QUeStionS 1. Do I need to find my own cell phone provider? • No need to find a carrier. We have made it easy for you. Simply select one of three plans as described in this User Guide and we’ll handle the rest. The Caref GPS watch uses T-Mobile service. For T-Mobile coverage areas, go to 2. Is the Caref GPS watch waterproof? • Caref is designed to be water resistant, not waterproof, but ONLY if the USB cover on the watch is closed tightly. If this is left open, damage can occur. It is recommended that children not take their Caref into the bath, pool or ocean. 3. Why is the call button mildly hard to push down? • We designed the button so that your child cannot accidently hit it and make calls. This prevents unwanted minutes and potential charges. 4. Will GPS signal pick up wherever there is a cell signal? • Unfortunately there are a lot more cell towers to support a cell signal. GPS is limited to satellites. While inside buildings or dense cities, GPS may be obstructed. 5. Can anyone call or text the GPS watch? • Once you put in the three emergency numbers, only the numbers that you preset in the phone can call the watch. This applies for texting as well. This is to keep your children from receiving messages from unwanted callers/texters. 6. How do you answer an incoming call on the watch? • Your child presses the Power button. 7. How long does the battery last before I have to recharge the watch? • The battery will typically last for 24 hours while checking a new GPS location every 10 minutes. Please note that using the voice function will have an impact on battery life. It’s a bit like charging your cell phone. It’s a good habit to charge it every night. It takes about one hour to charge your watch. 8. Will the watch work outside the US? • Yes, feel free to take it anywhere in the world, we have you covered. Simply call 844-543-8477 and we will set you up.

9. What is an SMS? • An SMS is a text message. When you press EMERGENCY Locate or text the phone, you are using an SMS message. Check your plan to see how many SMS messages you get a month. Remember, the watch updates location every 10 minutes with a time stamp on the last location. 10. When my child hits SOS I can hear them talk but they can’t hear me? • The Caref is designed that way so should your child be abducted, a parents voice won’t alert the abductor that the child is wearing a location-tracking device. 11. I am not getting an updated location on my map. • Make sure you PROVISIONED your Caref. • The watch has a motion sensor that puts the watch to sleep unless it is moving. So if it is sitting on a table, it won’t send GPS location. • Turn the Watch Off and then On again to reboot it. It will often find the location immediately after this step. 12. The screen is very dim on my watch. • If you identify this or any other manufacturing issue, please give us a call at 844-543-8477. 13. What is the return policy? • Returns for full refunds are accepted within 30 days of purchase for new, unused Caref Watch returned in unopened or undamaged packaging. Watches that have been activated and work according to the functionality of the device may not be returned. Damaged devices may not be returned. Customers are responsible for shipping costs for returned devices. Please review the complete Return Policy at prior to activavtion.

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